What we do

Advocate for preservation, public policy and historic resources

Preservation Houston is Houston's only citywide organization advocating for historic preservation. Since 1978, Preservation Houston has voiced strong support for better public policy and protection of our irreplaceable historic resources. Our members, volunteers and staff are committed to preserving the best of our community's architectural and cultural heritage.

Advocacy is the area where Preservation Houston has had the most impact and, by necessity, the least public visibility. Preservation Houston often works behind the scenes to achieve its goals. The approach is businesslike and not confrontational.

When a building is threatened, Preservation Houston uses its extensive network of contacts to make an appointment with the owner. Typically, our representatives will bring architects, engineers and developers to discuss the merits of historic preservation with a property owner and present the economic data demonstrating the value of restoration versus demolition. Preservation Houston continuously tracks threats to historic buildings and, when appropriate, contacts public officials and promotes media coverage of endangered properties to increase public awareness.

Address issues of community concern

Preservation Houston addresses concerns shared by all Houstonians, not just those who live in older neighborhoods or own historic properties. Urban redevelopment and revitalization, defense of neighborhood integrity and authenticity of place, and preservation of green space are among the critical issues facing our community.

Build awareness and appreciation of our history and heritage

Preservation Houston deals with these concerns through a variety of programs that foster awareness of historic preservation and its benefits and instill an appreciation of our history and heritage.


Preservation Houston's communications program provides members, community leaders and the public with preservation information. E-mail has proven to be a very cost-effective and timely means of communicating with a wide range of organizations and individuals and is a very useful tool in building a broad base of support for preservation in Houston. Preservation Houston members receive e-mail Preservation Alerts explaining important issues and providing contact information for the appropriate elected officials. These e-mail messages are also sent to public officials and other community leaders.

A chronicle of History in Progress

Preservation Houston's printed newsletter was mailed to members and community leaders for many years. Back issues of the printed newsletter dating from 1981 are available in our online archive. Today, PH communicates with our members and constituents via e-mail, including via Keynote, our monthly e-mail newsletter. Browse our recent e-mail messages here.

You may also download our Year in Review, an overview of our activities for the years: