Support the First Ward historic district

The proposed High First Ward Historic District will be up for a City Council vote next Tuesday, May 13. With Council's approval, High First Ward would become Houston's 22nd local historic district.

The saying goes that all preservation is local, and Preservation Houston salutes the First Ward property owners who have worked hard to bring the proposed district this far. Now we're asking for your help in making this historic district a reality by sending a brief e-mail to City Council members stating your support for High First Ward.

Your message can be as simple as this: I believe that local historic districts protect and preserve Houston's architectural heritage and are an important tool for managing change and redevelopment in our historic neighborhoods. Because of that, I support the High First Ward Historic District.

Be sure to let City Council know if you live within the proposed historic district's boundaries or if you live in any of the other City of Houston historic districts.

City Council members and their e-mail addresses are listed here (if you aren't sure who your City Council member is, you can find out here):


District A: Brenda Stardig,

District B: Jerry Davis,

District C: Ellen Cohen,

District D: Dwight Boykins,

District E: Dave Martin,

District F: Richard Nguyen,

District G: Oliver Pennington,

District H: Ed Gonzalez,

District I: Robert Gallegos,

District J: Mike Laster,

District K: Larry Green,

At-Large 1: Stephen Costello,

At-Large 2: David Robinson,

At-Large 3: Michael Kubosh,

At-Large 4: C.O. Bradford,

At-Large 5: Jack Christie,