City Council revises Historic Preservation Ordinance

Houston City Council earlier today passed changes to the Historic Preservation Ordinance that will provide applicants with a streamlined process for project approvals and refine the list of projects eligible to receive City of Houston preservation tax incentives. Other revisions include improved remedies for enforcing violations of the preservation ordinance, including Houston's first legal provision to prevent demolition by neglect.

Cullen Clinic named Protected Landmark with PH assistance

The historic Cullen Clinic at 7703 Cullen Boulevard is among the buildings City Council has designated landmarks and protected landmarks. At the request of the clinic building's owner, Preservation Houston staff conducted the research, writing and photography for the application that resulted in protected status. The clinic building was deemed significant for its original owners, architect and as a visible reminder of the cultural and ethnic diversity of Houston and Texas.

KUHF reports on efforts to restore Houston's first flag

Houston Public Media News 88.7 reports today on Preservation Houston's efforts to restore the prototype of the official City of Houston flag, which was donated to us. The prototype was made in 1915 as a guide for the first official flag, which was produced in New York and made its debut at a parade on July 4 of that year.