Texas Historical Commission

County Commissioners approve initial step in Astrodome preservation project

On Sept. 27, Harris County Commissioners voted unanimously to begin a significant renovation project that should preserve the Astrodome.

Commissioners Court approved $10.5 million as the first step in a proposed $105 million plan that includes raising the Dome's floor to create two levels of parking that would allow the stadium to generate income as soon as possible. Officials believe the planned alterations will make the Astrodome suitable for festivals and conventions while preserving most of the Dome's interior volume.

Help make the Astrodome a State Antiquities Landmark

On July 30 and 31, appointed members of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) will meet in Alpine where they are scheduled to vote on State Antiquities Landmark (SAL) status for the Astrodome. Preservation Houston will be present at the public meeting and is asking that you sign this statement so that we can demonstrate to the THC commissioners that Texas cares about the future of the Dome.