Sing a song of Houston

On Monday, March 7, Preservation Houston donated the restored 1915 prototype of the City of Houston flag to Houston Public Library’s Houston Metropolitan Research Center. The flag will be displayed in the historic Julia Ideson library building downtown.

If you couldn’t attend the program, you missed the Houston Saengerbund and what might have been the first performance of the Houston Municipal Song in a century. The Houston Chronicle’s Lisa Gray picked up the story of the song in her online column today.

A banner event: Celebrating Houston's first flag

In 1915, the city of Houston adopted the design for its official municipal flag: "one lone white star, floating in a sea of azure blue and bearing on its surface the original seal of the city of Houston." Based on a design by railroad retiree W.A. Wheeldon, the flag first took shape as a prototype created by the Levy Bros. department store, which was then used as a model for a 10-by-12-foot silk banner carried in that year's Independence Day parade.

Now, a century later, Preservation Houston will present the restored 1915 flag prototype to the city of Houston — and you're invited to join us.

KUHF reports on efforts to restore Houston's first flag

Houston Public Media News 88.7 reports today on Preservation Houston's efforts to restore the prototype of the official City of Houston flag, which was donated to us. The prototype was made in 1915 as a guide for the first official flag, which was produced in New York and made its debut at a parade on July 4 of that year.