Volunteer for the Good Brick Tour

Enjoy a fall afternoon sharing the best in Houston historic preservation while helping Preservation Houston as a volunteer during the 2019 Good Brick Tour! This year’s tour will take place Saturday and Sunday, November 2 and 3. As a special thank to you our volunteers, everyone who works during the tour weekend will receive one ticket good for admission to all Good Brick Tour locations.

Sign up for a volunteer shift using the form below. Before you do, please take a moment to check the chart showing current shift availability — we continually update it so you’ll know where and when we still need help. (If a shift is marked “closed,” there are no more volunteer positions available at that time/location.)

Also please remember that:

  • Volunteers must work at least one full three-hour shift during the tour weekend

  • We cannot accommodate partial shifts — make sure you can commit to the full three hours

  • Volunteer duties may include greeting visitors, check-in and ticket taking, presenting brief scripted information to the public, and assistance with light setup and breakdown work

If you have any questions, e-mail us or call (713) 510-3990. Thanks for helping make the Good Brick Tour a success!

Current shift availability

Location Shift 1:
11:30a-2:30p Saturday
Shift 2:
2:30-5:30p Saturday
Shift 3:
11:30a-2:30p Sunday
Shift 4:
2:30-5:30p Sunday
3362 Del Monte Closed Limited Limited Open
1819 Sabine Closed Limited Limited Limited
2109 Kane Closed Limited Open Open
3515 Fannin Closed Open Open Open
4 Shadow Lawn Closed Limited Limited Limited

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