Help make the Astrodome a State Antiquities Landmark

On July 30 and 31, appointed members of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) will meet in Alpine where they are scheduled to vote on State Antiquities Landmark (SAL) status for the Astrodome. Preservation Houston will be present at the public meeting and is asking that you sign this statement so that we can demonstrate to the THC commissioners that Texas cares about the future of the Dome.

SALs are cultural resources on non-federal public lands in Texas that receive legal protection under the Antiquities Code of Texas. SAL designation cannot prevent Harris County from requesting to alter or demolish the Astrodome; it will, however, require the county to consult with the THC about proposed changes to the building. SAL designation will provide an additional layer of protection for the iconic structure by giving the THC the authority to review permits to determine whether the requested work may be carried out.

Please join the growing list of supporters by providing your name and e-mail address. Preservation Houston will include your name among those supporting SAL status for the Dome to the THC commissioners. Please note: We will not share your information with any other organizations.

Preservation Houston believes that the Dome can be preserved in a vibrant and creative way. We would like to represent as many supporters as we can gather in the next five days. Please lend your name to this cause, and also share this message with your friends so that we may demonstrate wide support for SAL designation.